3 Reasons The PEX GUN Needs To Be The Next Pipe Tool You Buy

For far too long, the only options for reliable indoor plumbing were metal and...more metal. Copper is arguably the most popular option for plumbing, still preferred by many plumbers and contractors. The reason for copper’s long stint as champion of the plumbing world is that it’s easy to install, durable and flexible, resistant to bacterial growth, and can be recycled.

However, copper is quickly being pushed aside for a new player on the plumbing scene: PEX. As we discussed in a previous post, PEX is water piping that’s made of crosslinked polyethylene, a common type of plastic.

If you’ve already embraced the PEX revolution, and are loving how much easier it is to install, get ready to feel even happier. We offer one of the most essential PEX pipe tools for any plumber looking to offer this type of installation: the PEX GUN.

Here are three ways this PEX pipe tool will change your life:

Faster Installation

The PEX GUN is an automatic PEX pipe tie tool. It was specifically designed to help you install PEX pipe in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. The PEX GUN works by tying two or three wraps of galvanized steel wire to the PEX pipe, automatically twisting it for a secure fit in one second or less.

Safer Installation

The PEX GUN works up to five times faster than manual tying and delivers over 2,000 wire ties per charge. The tension and wrap adjustment dial allows you to achieve the perfect tie every time, with no risk of pipe dimpling.

Reduced Hand Fatigue

Can you imagine how your hand would feel if you attempted to tie hundreds of PEX pipe twists in an hour? It’s no wonder that many plumbers who do this end up suffering from carpal tunnel injuries. Save your hands and be more productive with the PEX GUN!

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