Every Plumber Needs These Three PEX Supplies

You already know the benefits of PEX plumbing and have been excited to see how many different clients are embracing this affordable and easy-to-install plumbing technology.

You’re already leaps and bounds ahead of other plumbers and contractors who still insist on using copper piping, but are you making things harder on yourself than they need to be? As we detailed in a previous post, the PEX GUN makes a plumber’s life easier in a plethora of ways. The GUN makes PEX installation faster, safer, and better for your health.

Don’t do things the hard way. In order to be a truly advanced plumbing professionals, there a few more PEX supplies you need to add to your arsenal.


As we mentioned above, the PEX GUN is a life-changing tool for plumbers who work with PEX on a regular basis. Instead of securing PEX tubing by hand, a time-consuming process that puts both the pipes and your hands at risk, the PEX GUN was designed to apply, twist, and secure galvanized steel wire wraps in one second or less.

Learn more about the PEX GUN here!

The PEX GUN Holster

It’s not every day that a plumber gets to feel like James Bond, but with the PEX GUN holster belt there’s definitely going to be a little extra swagger in your step. This holster is designed to hold your PEX GUN when your hands need to be free for other tasks. Made using double-lined ballistic nylon, it’s guaranteed to withstand the harsh conditions of any plumbing job.

Learn more about the PEX GUN Holster here!

The PEX GUN Extension Arm

Rounding out our selection of must-have PEX plumbing supplies is the PEX GUN Extension Arm. Bending down to tie your PEX to rebar or wire mesh once is no problem. But thousands of times a day? Your back is going to be screaming at you by quitting time. Save your back with this lightweight PEX pipe tool that allows you to stay in a standing position.

Learn more about the PEX GUN Extension Arm here!