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Answering Questions About PEX Tubing And Water Safety

While they have many redeeming qualities, copper plumbing pipes are expensive and can be clunky to work with. For many decades, plumbers just dealt with these issues as a cost of doing business, but in recent years a new alternative has emerged. PEX tubing is far less expensive than other options, making it very attractive to contractors and consumers on budget. “A 2012 comparison showed PEX pipe was the least expensive among plastic pipes, costing 43 cents per foot compared to the most expensive metal, copper pipe, at $2.55 per foot,” explains Angie’s List. However, any time you’re cutting prices you have to wonder about whether you’re cutting quality as well. Since installing PEX tubing has a direct impact on...

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4 Unusual Possibilities For PEX Installation

When we talk about PEX installation, most contractors assume we’re talking about plumbing applications and they’re not totally wrong. It’s true that PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing has sparked quite the plumbing revolution, quickly becoming a highly sought after alternative to copper and other types of metal piping. Not only is PEX more flexible, less susceptible to erosion, and easier to install, these superior attributes also translate into more affordable pricing for both plumbing contractors and consumers. But the pipes that carry grey and black water out of a home or business aren’t the only applications for PEX piping. Let’s take a look at other types of PEX installation that might come as a surprise. 1. Radiant Floor Heat Clients who’re...

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Every Plumber Needs These Three PEX Supplies

You already know the benefits of PEX plumbing and have been excited to see how many different clients are embracing this affordable and easy-to-install plumbing technology. You’re already leaps and bounds ahead of other plumbers and contractors who still insist on using copper piping, but are you making things harder on yourself than they need to be? As we detailed in a previous post, the PEX GUN makes a plumber’s life easier in a plethora of ways. The GUN makes PEX installation faster, safer, and better for your health. Don’t do things the hard way. In order to be a truly advanced plumbing professionals, there a few more PEX supplies you need to add to your arsenal. The PEX GUN...

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