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Dealing With Dezincification In PEX Tubing Installation

As we’ve detailed in several other posts PEX installation has many advantages over other types of plumbing. Whether you’re repiping an entire house or constructing a brand new heated driveway, PEX is more affordable, faster to install, and generally more durable than both CPVC and copper piping. However, as PEX tubing is still a relatively new plumbing material in America, many home insurance companies are skeptical of construction jobs that want to utilize it. Insurers Are Skeptical Of PEX Tubing Installation Insurance companies are most concerned with their bottom line in the event of a catastrophe, and when it comes to disasters, the water-related kind are one of the most expensive. “In the engineering profession, we understand that it is...

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5 Ways PEX Tubing Is Superior To Other Plumbing Tools

In an earlier post about the PEX plumbing revolution, we hinted at the many ways PEX tubing is superior to other plumbing materials. We told you to stay tuned for a post that would take a more in-depth look at this advantages and guess what? This is that post! Before we dive into the benefits of installing PEX tubing, it’s important to pay homage to the plumbing materials that came before. Thankfully, we finally learned that lead was a terrible material for plumbing, so the two most popular alternatives became: Copper Plumbing A durable and relatively flexible metal, copper piping has been around for many decades and is still used in both new and existing construction. Copper piping is known...

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Answering Questions About PEX Tubing And Water Safety

While they have many redeeming qualities, copper plumbing pipes are expensive and can be clunky to work with. For many decades, plumbers just dealt with these issues as a cost of doing business, but in recent years a new alternative has emerged. PEX tubing is far less expensive than other options, making it very attractive to contractors and consumers on budget. “A 2012 comparison showed PEX pipe was the least expensive among plastic pipes, costing 43 cents per foot compared to the most expensive metal, copper pipe, at $2.55 per foot,” explains Angie’s List. However, any time you’re cutting prices you have to wonder about whether you’re cutting quality as well. Since installing PEX tubing has a direct impact on...

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